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Step into the world of digital success with KC Digital, your trusted partner for PPC advertising in Kerala. As pioneers in the digital marketing industry, we develop innovative PPC strategies that satisfy audiences and generate measurable results. Our team of creative minds combines latest technology with a deep understanding of the Kerala market to deliver personalized campaigns that surpass expectations. Get ready to skyrocket your online presence and outshine the competition with KC Digital, the game-changer in PPC advertising.

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Who we are

KC Digital is the premier PPC company in Kerala, providing a broad array of online advertising services. Established in 2019 by Kiran P, a seasoned independent professional, our organization has flourished into a team of over 15 highly skilled specialists who excel in website design, development, search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, and content creation.

As the leading PPC company in Kerala, we have successfully catered to the needs of more than 50 clients from diverse industries, earning a reputation as a reliable partner in their growth and triumph. What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to delivering customized solutions that precisely align with our clients’ requirements.

Maximizing our extensive knowledge and expertise, we can assist you in attaining your objectives, be it augmenting brand recognition, driving targeted traffic to your website, or amplifying conversion rates. Being the top PPC agency in Kerala, we are fervent about our services and working hard to surpass our clients’ expectations by generating exceptional outcomes. 

Choose KC Digital as your trusted partner for all your online advertising needs and gain from the proficiency of the preeminent PPC company. Encounter our unparalleled services and witness the transformation firsthand. Connect with us now for the finest PPC services in Kerala.


We Are Proud To Work With

Why choose us


When it comes to digital marketing expertise, our PPC company in Kerala stands out with its exceptional track record of delivering successful campaigns and driving tangible results. Our team of skilled professionals combines their in-depth knowledge of the industry with innovative strategies to guarantee your brand gets maximum visibility and achieves optimal ROI.

ROI Focused

Being a PPC agency in Kerala, KC Digital stands out as a trusted choice. We combine our expertise in digital marketing strategies with a laser-focused approach, guaranteeing every penny you invest brings tangible results and measurable growth to your business.


Choose our PPC company in Kerala to experience clear and seamless interactions that enhance your business growth. Our team excels in delivering transparent and timely communication, guaranteeing that your marketing objectives are understood and executed with precision.

Full Funnel Marketing Strategy for ppc agency in Kerala

How we do it

A full-funnel marketing

As a leading PPC company in Kerala, our full-funnel marketing process is designed to drive exceptional results for businesses seeking online visibility and growth. We understand the importance of capturing the attention of your target audience and establishing a strong brand presence. In the awareness and engagement stage, we utilize relevant keywords and compelling ad copy to create engaging campaigns that raise awareness about your PPC services in Kerala. By leveraging eye-catching visuals and strategic ad placements, we ensure maximum exposure and engagement. 

Moving into the consideration and intent stage, our PPC agency focuses on nurturing potential customers and guiding them towards making informed decisions. Through effective remarketing tactics, persuasive landing page optimization, and well-crafted call-to-action strategies, we aim to encourage conversions and drive measurable results. By segmenting your audience and delivering personalized messages at the right moments in their buyer’s journey, we increase the likelihood of conversions and maximize your return on investment. With our expertise in acquisition and retention, we implement robust lead generation techniques, conversion tracking systems, and customer relationship management strategies to secure long-term success for your PPC campaigns in Kerala.

Web Design
Google ads
Social Media

our work process

Define target audience - ppc agency kerala

Define target Audience

We understand the importance of defining your target audience to maximize the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. Our expert team will conduct thorough research and analysis to identify your ideal customers, confirming that your website reaches the right people and drives meaningful engagement.

Conduct keyword research - ppc agency kerala

Conduct Keyword Research

KC Digital specializes in conducting in depth keyword research to optimize your website's SEO and enhance its online visibility.

Optimize landing page - ppc agency kerala

optimize landing page

Maximize your website's potential with expertly personalized landing page optimization strategies, designed to boost conversion rates and drive unprecedented online success.

Setup And Optimise Campaign - ppc agency kerala

Setup and optimise campaign

Our expert team will strategically configure and enhance your campaign to maximize its performance and reach, guaranteeing your brand shines in the digital era.

Ad Rank Optimization (Quality Score&Bid)- ppc agency kerala

Ad rank optimization (quality score&Bid)

Enhance your online visibility and maximize your ad performance with our expert Ad Rank Optimization strategies, combining detailed quality score management and strategic bid adjustments.

Track And Analyze Performance - ppc agency kerala

Track and Analyze performance

Utilize the power of data-driven findings to optimize and enhance your online performance with our exclusive tracking and analysis tools..

our tools

Tools used by ppc agencies in Kerala - seranking
Tools used by ppc agencies in Kerala - ubersuggest
Tools used by ppc agencies in Kerala - google ads
Tools used by ppc agencies in Kerala - google analytics
Tools used by ppc agencies in Kerala - google tag manager
Tools used by ppc agencies in Kerala - google search console
Tools used by ppc agencies in Kerala - screaming frog
Tools used by ppc agencies in Kerala - moz
Tools used by ppc agencies in Kerala - semrush
Tools used by ppc agencies in Kerala - wordpress
Tools used by ppc agencies in Kerala - photoshop
Tools used by ppc agencies in Kerala - 1text

Meet Our Team

Kiran P - Founder & CEO of the ppc agency in Kerala

Kiran P

Founder & CEO

Abhin K - Team Head of the ppc agency in Kerala

Abhin K

Team Head

Kamila Nasreen C P - Content writer of the ppc agency in Kerala

Kamila Nasreen C P

Content Writer

Rintu Shereek - Jr. SEO Specialist of the ppc agency in Kerala

Rintu Shereek

Jr. SEO Specialist

Bincy B - Digital Marketing Executive of the ppc agency in Kerala

Bincy b

Digital Marketing Executive

Aneiz Ahmd - Web Designer of the ppc agency in Kerala

aneiz ahmd

Web Designer

Sanal Sajeev - Graphic Designer of the ppc agency in Kerala

Sanal Sajeev

Graphic Designer

Fathimatul Rasha - Content writer of the ppc agency in Kerala

Fathimatul Rasha

Content Writer



Common few queries are answered here

The cost of a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign can vary depending on several factors such as the competitiveness of the keywords, target audience, and desired ad placements. As a leading PPC Company in Kerala, we offer personalized solutions to meet your specific needs and budget. Our team of experts will work closely with you to determine the optimal budget for your campaign, promising maximum return on investment (ROI) and driving targeted traffic to your website.

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising can effectively complement an SEO campaign in several ways. While SEO focuses on organic search rankings, a PPC campaign allows immediate visibility for targeted keywords like ‘PPC agency in Kerala’. By utilizing PPC, you can increase your website’s appearance prominently at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), increasing brand visibility and driving traffic to your website. This is especially valuable for new websites or those with a lower organic ranking. Furthermore, PPC offers precise targeting options, enabling you to reach a specific audience in Kerala, maximizing the relevance of your ads. Additionally, PPC provides valuable data and findings that can inform your SEO strategy, such as identifying high-converting keywords and optimizing landing pages. Integrating PPC and SEO efforts can lead to a extensive digital marketing approach, resulting in increased online visibility, website traffic, and conversions for your PPC agency in Kerala.

KC Digital stands out as the leading PPC agency in Kerala due to its unparalleled expertise in managing pay-per-click campaigns. Our team of skilled professionals combines in-depth knowledge of PPC strategies with a deep understanding of the local market. With a proven track record of delivering exceptional results, Intersmart confirms maximum ROI for businesses seeking effective PPC management services in Kerala. Trust us to optimize your campaigns, drive targeted traffic, and enhance your online visibility, all while providing detailed reporting and transparent communication.

At KC Digital, we prioritise flexibility and transparency. We do not impose long-term contracts or commitments for our PPC management services. Our focus is on delivering measurable results and earning your trust through our performance. We understand that business needs may change, and we aim to accommodate those changes by offering customizable plans and the freedom to adjust or discontinue services as per your requirements. As a leading PPC agency in Kerala, we strive to build long-term partnerships based on mutual success and satisfaction.

We are determined to delivering exceptional results and have a track record of satisfied customers who have witnessed increased website traffic, higher conversion rates, and improved ROI. We invite you to analyze our case studies and testimonials on our website, showcasing the success stories of our clients who have benefited from our strategic PPC campaigns. 

Yes, as a leading PPC company in Kerala, we offer a wide range of digital marketing services customised to meet your business goals. In addition to PPC, our expert team specializes in providing top-notch SEO services to enhance your online visibility. We also excel in content marketing, ERP solutions, website development, mobile app development, and social media marketing (SMM). Our integrated approach guarantees a integrated digital marketing strategy to drive maximum results for your business in Kerala.

The timeframe to see results from PPC campaigns can vary depending on several factors, including the competitiveness of the keywords, the quality of the campaign setup, and the target audience. Generally, you can start seeing some initial results within a few weeks of launching a PPC campaign with a professional PPC company in Kerala. However, significant improvements and optimal performance may take a few months of continuous monitoring, optimization, and refinement to achieve the desired outcomes. Trusting an experienced PPC company in Kerala can help expedite the process and promises effective results for your business.

As a leading PPC agency in Kerala, we prioritize effective communication and transparency with our clients. You can expect monthly reporting that provides valuable information into the performance of your PPC campaigns. Our reports will highlight key metrics, such as click-through rates, conversions, and ROI, enabling you to track the success of your advertising efforts. We believe in keeping you informed and involved in the progress of your PPC campaigns.

Yes, as a leading PPC company in Kerala, we offer an array of  ongoing campaign monitoring and optimization services. Our determined team of experts closely monitors your PPC campaigns, tracking performance metrics, analyzing data, and making data-driven optimizations to maximize your ROI. We continuously refine your targeting, keywords, ad creatives, and bidding strategies to improves your campaigns are delivering the best results possible. With our continuous monitoring and optimization efforts, we strive to achieve and maintain the highest level of performance for your PPC campaigns in Kerala.

We understand the importance of ROI for our clients. While we cannot provide an exact estimated ROI without analyzing your specific business and goals, our team of experts is determined to maximizing your ROI through strategic campaign planning, targeted keyword selection, compelling ad creatives, and ongoing optimization. We continuously monitor and analyze campaign performance to maximise your investment in PPC yields the best possible returns for your business in Kerala. Our goal is to deliver measurable results and help you achieve a strong ROI for your PPC campaigns.

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faisal softzonefaisal softzone
10:00 09 Mar 24
I worked in KC Digital in the beginning of my SEO journey. The CEO Kiran Sir was very experienced, and professional, ensuring our work is consistently neat and clean. Learned a lot from him, especially about providing top-quality services to clients. Truly, a best digital marketing company in calicut
Kiran JohnsonKiran Johnson
04:59 07 Mar 24
One of the best SEO teams in Kerala worked for me, and my website ranked on the first page within six months. This really impressed me about this team.
nasuk amalnasuk amal
14:00 26 Dec 23
We express our utmost satisfaction with the team's commitment to excellence. Having collaborated with them for over six months, we have observed substantial positive transformations in their SEO services. Their proficiency in social media management and Ad running services is commendable. Our sincere gratitude to KC Digital for consistently delivering a top-class service.