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Welcome to the world of KC Digital, where we redefine social media marketing with a touch of uniqueness. We believe that every brand has a story to tell, and we are here to help you design a compelling narrative that delights your audience. Our team of creative minds and strategic thinkers work hand in hand to develop personalized social media marketing strategies that not only boost your online presence but also create meaningful connections with your customers. Trust KC Digital to be your trusted partner on this exciting social media journey and let us pave the way for your unparalleled success.

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Who we are

As a leading social media marketing company and agency in Kerala, we are here to offer you a wide range of online advertising services. Founded in 2019 by Kiran P, an experienced independent professional, our organisation has evolved into a team of over 15 highly skilled specialists proficient in website design, development, search engine optimization (SEO), social media management, and content creation.

As the premier PPC company in Kerala, we have successfully served more than 50 clients across diverse industries, earning a solid reputation as a reliable partner in their growth and success. What sets us apart is our unwavering attention to delivering customized solutions that precisely align with our clients’ unique requirements.

Harnessing our extensive knowledge and expertise, we can help you achieve your goals, whether it’s enhancing brand recognition, driving targeted traffic to your website, or boosting conversion rates. As the top social media marketing company in Kerala, we are passionate about our design and devoting to exceeding our clients’ expectations by delivering exceptional results.

Opt KC Digital as your trusted partner for all your online advertising needs and benefit from the expertise of the foremost social media marketing company and agency in Kerala. Experience our unparalleled services and witness the transformation firsthand. Contact us now for the finest social media marketing services in Kerala.


We Are Proud To Work With

Why choose us


Our company comprises a team of highly skilled experts with a proven track record in delivering successful campaigns across various industries. With five years of experience and a deep understanding of the latest industry trends, we have the expertise to develop customized strategies that drive results.

ROI Focused

We understand the importance of achieving a strong return on investment (ROI) for your digital marketing efforts. Our team utilizes advanced analytics and data-driven findings to identify the most effective channels, audience targeting, and optimization opportunities, ensuring that every dollar spent generates measurable results.


We believe in promoting open and transparent communication with our clients. Throughout our partnership, we provide detailed reports and regular updates on the progress and performance of your campaigns. We are always available to address any questions or concerns you may have, guaranteeing that you are informed and involved every step of the way.

Full Funnel Marketing Strategy for social media marketing agency in Kerala

How we do it

A full-funnel marketing

We specialize in providing extensive and result-oriented solutions through a Full Funnel marketing approach. As a leading social media marketing company in Kerala, we understand the power of social media platforms in connecting businesses with their target audience. With our expertise, we promise that your brand achieves maximum visibility and engagement across various stages of the marketing funnel.

Our Full Funnel marketing strategy encompasses every aspect of the customer journey, starting from building awareness to driving conversions. As a reputable social media marketing agency in Kerala, we begin by creating compelling and curated content that captures the attention of your potential customers. Through strategic targeting and precise ad placements, we guarantee that your brand is visible to the right audience at the right time. By using data-driven findings we optimize your campaigns to generate quality leads and maximize conversions. With our Full Funnel approach, we aim to deliver measurable results and help your business thrive in the competitive digital era. Trust our expertise to take your social media marketing efforts to new heights!

Web Design
Google ads
Social Media

our work process

Define Social Media Goals- social media agency kerala

Define social media goals

We help businesses identify and establish clear objectives for their social media presence, promising a targeted and effective marketing strategy.

Choose The Right Platforms - social media agency kerala

Choose the right platforms

Our expertise lies in selecting the most suitable social media platforms that align with your brand's objectives, target audience, and industry trends.

Optimize Social Media Profiles - social media agency kerala

Optimize social media profiles

We optimise your social media profiles with compelling visuals, persuasive copy, and relevant keywords to maximise your online visibility and brand engagement.

Content Creation - social media agency kerala

Content creation

Our team of creative professionals design delightful and personalized content that resonates with your audience, driving brand awareness and increasing customer engagement.

Engage With Audience- social media agency kerala

Engage with Audience

We proactively interact with your social media followers, providing meaningful conversations, responding to inquiries, and building strong relationships that strengthen brand loyalty.

Measure And Analyze Performance -social media agency kerala

Measure and analyze performance

Through extensive analytics and data-driven information we continuously monitor and evaluate the performance of your social media campaigns, enabling strategic refinements for optimal results.

our tools

Tools used by social media marketing agencies in Kerala - seranking
Tools used by social media marketing agencies in Kerala - ubersuggest
Tools used by social media marketing agencies in Kerala - google ads
Tools used by social media marketing agencies in Kerala - google analytics
Tools used by social media marketing agencies in Kerala - google tag manager
Tools used by social media marketing agencies in Kerala - google search console
Tools used by social media l marketing agencies in Kerala - screaming frog
Tools used by social media marketing agencies in Kerala - moz
Tools used by social media marketing agencies in Kerala - semrush
Tools used by social media marketing agencies in Kerala - wordpress
Tools used by social media marketing agencies in Kerala - photoshop
Tools used by social media marketing agencies in Kerala - 1text

Meet Our Team

Kiran P - Founder & CEO of the social media marketing agency in Kerala

Kiran P

Founder & CEO

Abhin K - Team Head of the social media marketing agency in Kerala

Abhin K

Team Head

Bincy B - Digital Marketing Executive of the social media marketing agency in Kerala

Bincy B

Digital Marketing Executive

Fathimatul Rasha - Content writer of the social media marketing agency in Kerala

Fathimatul Rasha

Content writer

Kamila Nasreen C P - Content writer of the social media marketing agency in Kerala

Kamila Nasreen

Content Writer

Aneiz Ahmd - Web Designer of the social media marketing agency in Kerala

aneiz ahmd

Web Designer

Rintu Shereek - Jr. SEO Specialist of the social media marketing agency in Kerala

Rintu shareek

Jr. SEO specialist

Sanal Sajeev - Graphic Designer of the social media marketing agency in Kerala

Sanal sajeev

Graphic designer



Common few queries are answered here

Our team has a collective experience of 5 years in social media marketing.


Yes, we can provide examples and case studies of our previous social media marketing campaigns.

We specialize in a variety of social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and TikTok. Our team has experience and expertise in utilizing the unique features and audiences of these platforms to create effective social media marketing strategies for our clients.

We measure the success and effectiveness of social media campaigns using various metrics, and one of the key metrics we consider is CPR (Cost Per Result). By analyzing CPR, we can optimize campaigns to achieve better results while managing costs effectively.


Paid advertising is an effective way to reach your target audience, increase brand visibility, and drive desired actions. So Definitely we do paid advertising on social media platforms. 

Our pricing structure for social media marketing services depends on several factors, including the scope of the project, the specific services required, the duration of the engagement, and the level of customization needed. Each client and project is unique, so we personalize our pricing to meet individual needs and goals.

You can cancel your contract at any time without incurring any penalties or fees. Our standard contract terms typically range from 3 to 6 months. However, we also offer flexible options to accommodate your specific needs.

We take confidentiality and privacy of your business information very seriously. Safeguarding your data and maintaining its confidentiality is a top priority for us. 

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faisal softzonefaisal softzone
10:00 09 Mar 24
I worked in KC Digital in the beginning of my SEO journey. The CEO Kiran Sir was very experienced, and professional, ensuring our work is consistently neat and clean. Learned a lot from him, especially about providing top-quality services to clients. Truly, a best digital marketing company in calicut
Kiran JohnsonKiran Johnson
04:59 07 Mar 24
One of the best SEO teams in Kerala worked for me, and my website ranked on the first page within six months. This really impressed me about this team.
nasuk amalnasuk amal
14:00 26 Dec 23
We express our utmost satisfaction with the team's commitment to excellence. Having collaborated with them for over six months, we have observed substantial positive transformations in their SEO services. Their proficiency in social media management and Ad running services is commendable. Our sincere gratitude to KC Digital for consistently delivering a top-class service.